Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mischa Zverev v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

I'm not a great fan of Tsonga and originally looked to lay him here with a view to trade but even I think this should be relatively straight forward for him. As such I have decided to lump on from the off at 1.18.

Back Jo Wilfried Tsonga 1.18 £99.84 £17.97
Ref: 9117247734 Bet placed: 10:20 07-Oct-09

1*-0 Of course I should have remembered that nothing is ever straight forward with the brainless one as he offers up an opening service game of 15-40! He fights back to Deuce only to hand Zverev a 3rd bp this game which he takes!

1-1* Break to 15! That was a nice opportunity for the lay to backers early on. Now hopefully the Tsonga express is departing on it's non stop journey to 1.01 :)

1*-2 Hold to 40. When it was 0-30 I was beginning to wonder if in fact this was one of those crazy Japanese game shows and they were making them play on a court covered in mushy peas and playing with frying pans as racquets.

2-2* Hold to 15. Most convincing service game so far from a 0-15 start.

2*-3 15-40 to deuce but holds this time. Really not an impressive start from Tsonga but he is still scraping by. Probably a break coming now.

3-3* Hold to 30. Could do with at least one comfortable hold from Tsonga this set.

3*-4 Finally! A hold to 15 including his first ace. This really should be this easy.

4-4* Great response from Zverev holds to 15 from 0-15 down.

4*-5 Hold to love with 3 Aces!!! Hello, I think Tsonga has swapped his frying pan for a racquet! Now break for the set please :)

4-6* Break!!!! From 0-40 Zverev saves all 3 BP's!!!!! But showing he is a true modern professional he hands Tsonga another BP straight away which he takes!!

1st set to Tsonga. Made hard work of it but turned it on when it mattered at the business end of the set. Odds now 1.08. Gonna stick for now unless I decide to get involved in the Sharapova v Peng match which is also on now.

1-1* Tsonga had 15-40, Zverev saved them both! He even has GP but back to BP twice more but saved again before finally holding. Zverev 1/5 BP Tsonga 2/9 BP!!!!

Jo Wilfried Tsonga 1.08 £16.66 £17.99 £1.33
Ref: 9117520906 Bet matched: 11:19 07-Oct-09

1.08 £92.42 £99.81 £7.39
Ref: 9117520906 Bet matched: 11:19 07-Oct-09

Quickly out at 2*-3 to jump into Peng Sharapova hopefully I can get back in here in a minute!

Tsonga wins 6-4 6-3
Profit: £8.85

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