Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Terry Jenkins v Mark Dudbridge (Darts)

Haven't got a clue what I am doing here!!! Where's Murrayfield with his darts knowledge when I need him. LOL

However score says 2-0 Jenkins in the 1st set (Best of 5) and market puts Jenkins at 1.23 so that's good enough for me :)

Back Terry Jenkins 1.23 £405.10 £93.17
Ref: 9123527382 Bet matched:22:39 07-Oct-09

I've heard of Jenkins but not the other fella so that's an added bonus!! :D

1st set to Jenkins Odds 1.2.
D'oh Jenkins broken in opening leg of 2nd set :( odds into the 1.30's
1 Set all Odds 1.45. Not liking this!! Lets get the next one Terry :)

My God this sport is too quick for my feeble mind. I can only imagine what the markets must be up to in a tight finish!!! Would take a lot of mental training to get used to it. And it's not often enough to train on :(

Bloomin eck Terry throw the break away for 2-2 in this set pffft odds hit the 1.80's's.

Back comes Terry 2-1 sets and now has the throw 1.22 odds

Broken straight away!! Is this wta??? :D
LOL it is WTa break back!!!

And I'm out at 1.16 I can't take this I'd have a coronary if I punted on this all the time!! Great fun though for a tenner or such like in the future though :)
Lay Terry Jenkins 1.16 £329.54 £382.27 £52.73
Ref: 9123647021 Bet matched: 23:14 07-Oct-09
1.16 £100.00 £116.00 £16.00
Ref: 9123647021 Bet matched: 23:13 07-Oct-09

£23.39 on Both

Jenkins Wins 3-1
Profit: £23.39

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