Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stanislas Wawrinka v Simon Greul

Really fancy Wawa do take this easily and as such I have lumped on from the off again at 1.28. I know quite a few short priced favs have gone down here but Wawa badly needs these points so I have faith.

Back Stanislas Wawrinka 1.27 £119.20 £32.18
Ref: 9117624568 Bet matched:11:43 07-Oct-09

1-0* Confident start from Stan with a hold to love.
1*-1 Another hold to love.
2-1* Hold to love!!
2*-2 We have a return point! Only 1 mind you ;)
3-2* Blimey Stan's 1st serve has vanished this game and gives 30-40 But wins with 3 1st serves in a row including 2 aces!

3*-3 Hold to 30
4-3* Hold to love. Back firing again Stan.
5*-3 Break at his 3rd chance Odds 1.10
6-3* Hold to 15 for the set.

1*-0 From 40-15 to BP but saved. Couldn't save the next one though. Odds 1.03

30-15 and 1.02 will do me

Lay Stanislas Wawrinka 1.02 £148.42 £151.39 £2.97
Ref: 9117965698 Bet matched: 12:44 07-Oct-09

£27.96 On Both

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