Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Shuai Peng v Maria Sharapova

6-2 5-2* to Peng got on at 1.11

Back Shuai Peng 1.11 £99.84 £10.98
Ref: 9117524684 Bet matched:11:20 07-Oct-09

Hoping for a quick win and back into Tsonga match.

5*-3 Hold to love. Typical!! She'd better serve it out now!!!

5-4* Sharapova has 15-40. Peng savesthe 1st but not the 2nd!! :( Should have stayed on Tsonga! Break for the match now please Peng :) Odds 1.53 would have been nicer!

Peng has 15-40 saves them both though. Meanwhile Tsonga breaks and is serving for the match.Peng gets a 3rd Match Point and a 2nd serve which she takes!!

Peng wins 6-2 6-4

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