Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is folks! The dawning of a new year, a new decade.

New year always brings about a time for reflection on the past. Unfortunately I find that people tend to focus on the negatives and hope to change themselves for the better. Perhaps if we all spent more time looking at our successes and achievements and trying to replicate them rather than trying to eradicate our weaknesses we would all benefit.

Unfortunately I too look at the negatives! LOL This year I have many ideas about what I want to achieve both personally and professionally. Some are improvements on my current characteristics, which are probably the ones I will be more likely to achieve, and some are trying to stop certain traits.

My main objective for New Year is to finally kick the habit and give up smoking. It won't be easy I know but I've at least got to try. I've been smoking for 18 of my 34 years now so it's a long time since my body wasn't reliant on the drug!

As for gambling well last year was quite a good year for me. Mostly since the Betfair thread but I was nicely in profit for the year before that and have ended up with a total of just under £35,000 profit from Betfair over the last 12 months.

Many people ask if I am full time and the answer is no. I am lucky enough to have my own business and can take as much or as little work on as I want within reason. Therefore I will balance my time between here and work depending on my withdrawals I make form here. If I can keep ahead of my hourly rate on here then the work, which I enjoy, will kind of become the hobby. Of course I am aware that betting full time has massive pit falls and can end in disaster. However approaching it on the hourly/daily pay rate in conjunction with my business means the impact can, in reality only be positive for as long as I continue to enjoy gambling. If it becomes a chore, I can just change the work hours around so it becomes a hobby again.

I also feel that I may have to look at my betting style somewhat! The all in punting is fine for the lower amounts but all in punting with £1,000's is somewhat exuberant! So regular withdrawals to pay the wage and a tad more conservative with the staking plan! Who knows I may even do some LAYS!!!! lol.

All in all it's been a good year. I wish all the happiness I wish for myself for the coming year.

Good Luck in 2010 and have a Happy Punting New Year!!


  1. Interesting remarks re: punting style vs amounts. If it works for small amounts then why alter it just because the amounts are bigger?

  2. Because of the way I bet I compound my bets thus increasing the bank. However this system of all in punting is doomed to failure unless you make withdrawals from it as the wipe out factor kicks in. Quite a few times on this blog I have gone from a small amount into the £1,000 only to get wiped out. I am suggesting an earlier withdrawal figure than £5,000 is all.

    As for the difference though, liquidity plays a huge factor there.

  3. hello 70K, a cfracking blog you have here, I was wondering if we could swap links?

    Best of luck for 2010

  4. your "reverse martingale" (ie increase steak on a winner, reduce on a loser) has a lot to recommend it. but imho and as you're hinting at you need an exit point, not set in stone, but something to guide you. the martingale has an exit point when it's +1pt, you need to find one you're comfy with.

  5. That's absolutely what I mean GVL. It's not so much the values involved but setting a level of exit that maximises return and minimises exposure to losses. Not necessarily a monetary figure but maybe a number of winning bets etc. Or indeed a combination. It will take some working out though I guess.


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