Monday, 9 November 2009

Tomas Berdych v Vincent Millot

There is no way Berdych is going to lose this unless he retires imho. Therefore a back of 1.10 seems ok as bet against him retiring.

Back Tomas Berdych
Ref: 9403681163 Bet matched:12:08 09-Nov-09

And there's the 1st break 4*-2 to Berdych. Now consolidate it please.
5-2* Thank you nice hold.

And Berdych serves out the set 6-3 I'm out of this now.

Back Vincent Millot
Ref: 9403868762 Bet matched:12:36 09-Nov-09

Well it would seem my green out was at the right time! Millot breaks for a 0-2* lead in the 2nd!

LOL Break straight back 1*-2
And Another 1-3* !!!!

Millot broken serving for the set. 4*-5.

Ok may be foolish but I've gone back in on Berdych at 5*-6. Odds higher than SP when he's a set up and 1 game from a TB will do for me.

Back Tomas Berdych
Ref: 9404385510 Bet matched:13:25 09-Nov-09

Now hold Berdych!!! There it is TB time!! MB first up would be a nice start!

0**-1 OK two holds then Tomas!!
1*-1 And another!
2-1** Now for the MB's please....
2-2* This one then? 2nd serve... pfft good shot Millot
2**-3 Need to keep holding then a 1st serve would be a start.
3*-3 All square at the change over. Another hold please... 2nd serve...
4-3** Give us a M give us a B....
4-4* C'mon Berdy get your finger out!!
5**-4 There it is now serve it out ...
6*-4 MP#1 .... GSM

Berdych wins 6-3 7-6(4)
Profit: £20.97

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