Friday, 20 November 2009

Foinikas Syrou v EA Patron

Struggling to find anything that takes my fancy I stumbled across this. It's Greek Volleyball by the way! :-)

The Pre-match favourites are 1.06 after winning the 1st set so it must be a guaranteed winner!! All in!! :-)

By the way I know the picture isn't of Greek Men's Volleyball but I like it!

Hmm maybe a bit rash with that bet!! Patron are losing 14-9 in the second. I really hope I do not have to start thinking about trading out of this!!
20-14 now! Getting stuffed this set !!! And I've got no stream!!
21-14 to 21-18 is a bit better but a bit late I think! :-( There's the 2nd set 25-19. Need a good strong start now in the 3rd!
I do love a nice quick and easy trade on these minority sports!

That's a better set! Lead from the start and Patron take it 25-22 Now an early lead in the 4th please!

I can't believe I've wasted an hour already and counting on this match! :o
6-3 is not the start I was looking for! Get a grip!!!

FFS they get it back to 9-8 then proceed to go to 13-8!! 1.06 Favourites after the 1st set??? You're Havin' a laugh! ;) Who would back that??? :-(

18-16 c'mon close that gap!!
18-17 and another?? No! 19-17 they just can't string enough points together!
19-18 This time? YES 19-19 now can they edge ahead? 20-19 :-( gotta stay with them at least!
20-20 c'mon take the lead for the 1st time?? Nope... 21-20. Looking ropey!
21-21 This time? Yes 21-22 take another!! 21-23 this one for 3 MP's!! Pfft 22-23 c'mon!!!
22-24 2 MP's Take It!!!!


Patron win 3-1
Profit: £5.71 (how embarrassing!)

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