Thursday, 7 January 2010

Francesca Schiavone v Alize Cornet

Schiavone won the first set 6-2 and so I decided to lump on at 1.18.

Typically Cornet broke the firts game of the second set, but Schiavone broke right back and went on to win the set.

Schiavone Wins 6-2 6-3
Profit: £226.55


  1. Where did the extra £1100 on the screenshot come from between this match and the Stepanek match?

  2. Oops rather where did it come from between the Stepanek and Henin match?

  3. Sorry yes I think there is some confusion from the screenshots sorry. The screen shot is only showing an available balance at a certain stage so if I haven't refreshed it it could be anything. The bank was increased during the Ivanovic game when I thought I was being wiped out. I subsequently did use the whole bank before withdrawing again. The bets show what the balance is more than the top figure but I will try and remember to refresh in future before a screen shot.


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