Sunday, 4 November 2012

Football: Sevilla v Levante

Sandra Valencia
I hope this isn't one bet too far as was toying with the idea of a withdrawal as I still have £133 of my own money in here. Anyway 10 minutes gone in this Primera Division match and the score is 0-0 going for Over 1.5 Goals at 1.33

Over 1.5 Goals
1.33 £760.61 £251.00
Ref: 23217217112 Bet matched:20:40 04-Nov-12

Oh dear! 0-0 at halftime! Looks like my fears may have been right! Dance for the goals in the 2nd half.

60 minutes gone and no sign of any goals in this! Should have stuck to my instincts!

70 minutes and both teams look imoptent in attack! Guess I'm gonna end the weekend down after all!

80 minutes! Need a Miracle now!

FFS! 83 minutes and it comes back off the crossbar and the sitter rebound is sent high into the stands! Not to be...

85 minutes and the end is nigh I tells ye! Levante playing for the draw and Sevilla unable to do anything.

Jeez 89 mins and two of them on edge of 6 yard box and they blast it over!

90 minutes and there's to be 3 minutes of tripe before my bank is wiped again! LOL

Well at least my stream has died so I don't have to watch any more!

And all finished. Ohh well £133 down for this latest effort is not as bad as it could have been I suppose!

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