Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tennis: Stanislas Wawrinka v David Ferrer

Mrs Ilham Wawrinka
Ferrer won the first set 2-6 and has just held the first game of the second set to take a 0*-1 lead. Got odds of 1.09 hoping for a swift end to this match.

Back David Ferrer
1.09 £453.26 £40.79

Ref: 23136615523 Bet matched:21:32 01-Nov-12

Ferrer had 3 BP's that game but Stan holds on for 1-1*.

Ferrer holds to 15 for a 1*-2 lead. C'mon the break!

Stan hold to 15 ... 2*-2

Uh oh 30-30... 40-30 Holds... 2*-3

Hold to love from Wawrinka! 3*-3

40-15 to Deuce stop messing about now David!... BP! ... FFS! ... Break! Bummer! 4*-3

Right time to switch you head back on Ferrer! Break straight back please.

Grrrrrr hold to love 5-3*

Ferrer holds to 30 so at least Stan has to serve it out! Possible choke? 5*-4

2nd serve... 0-15... 15-15... 15-30 Oi Oi!... 2nd... wasted 30-30... 30-40 TAKE IT!!! ... 2nd... Pffft rubbish! ... SP ... Set Stan! Ferrer had the chance there and blew it how will that affect the 3rd?

Well into a decider we go!

Ferrer Wins
Profit: £38.79
Bank: £492.05

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