Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Any technically minded folks out there?

I am having problems with my internet connection. Every time the phone rings it cuts out. Then it seems to reset itself about 3 times before settling down. Then the bloody phone rings again!

Sales calls used to mildly annoy me now they are really annoying me!

Any ideas?


  1. Probably a problem with the filters, check if you got 2 DSL filters connected together, the modem should be in the first and phone in the 2nd filter

  2. 2 together? I have 1 coming from the socket on the wall. with the phone connected in the phone slot and the modem connected in the other. Should I connect another filter in the phone socket on 1st filter?

  3. Yeah that's what I have but I'm not sure if both are the same kind of filters :)

  4. OK pretty sure I have another one kicking around somewhere I'll give it a go. Ta.


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