Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rafael Nadal v David Ferrer

Sonia Ferrer

OK trying some psychological tactics again making a withdrawal to try and get the money flowing my way for a change LOL Madness? Maybe!

Ferrer has just taken the 1st set 4-6 and will be serving 1st in the 2nd. Odds of 1.78 yes please.

Rafael Nadal1.78£100.00
Ref: 48216198198 Matched: 18:39 04-Jun-14

And we have our 1st break of the 2nd set. Nadal breaks for a 2*-1 lead.

3-1* Nadal holds to love
3*-2 Ferrer holds to 30
4-2* Nadal came back from 15-40 and saved 3 BP's to hold.
4*-3 Ferrer holds to 30
5-3* Nadal holds after 1 Deuce.
5*-4 Ferrer holds to 15
6-4 Nadal holds to love to take the set and level the match 1-1

Rafael Nadal1.37£129.93
Ref: 48217870723 Matched: 19:22 04-Jun-14

All green £28.76 on both.

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