Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

This Sunday's big match up is Spurs v Liverpool from Wembley.

I think this one is most likely to end in a draw as both teams are relatively evenly matched. But a 1 goal margin either way wouldn't be unexpected. Both teams can score goals and with Liverpool remembering where the back of the net is in midweek I think this one should bring home an Over 1.5 Goals bet.

Checking the odds on the Over 1.5 Goals and it's 1.25. Thank you very much I'll have a slice of that action.

4 minutes into to the match and Harry Kane opens the scoring. 1-0. I think I'll green out as it's so early in the game.

12 minutes and Spurs double their lead!! 2-0

Over 1.5 Goals Wins

Profit: £12.41
Bank: £89.85

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