Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ferrer v Montanes

Well I'm very sorry to disappoint some folks on here but here is another win! I guess the inevitable losses will come. They used to be the norm but why people feel the need to have a pop is beyond me. LOL

Anyway this bet was actually done in error. I was watching the scoreboard for Ferrero v Monaco earlier and after Ferrero had won the first set I looked on Fairbot and saw he was at 1.39. I thought that was a good price so piled on.

After a couple of games I noticed that the odds weren't really moving and the volume traded was very low. Naturally I assumed it was a Betfair issue so quickly checked the forum. It's funny how the natural thought is it's someone or something elses fault!!

The error was mine however as in my rush to get into the market I had actually opened Ferrer v Montanes rather than Ferrero v Monaco! Oh well Ferrero went on to win but I decided to leave my bet on Ferrer anyway.

As soon as Ferrer went a break up in the first set I greened out for even £289.67


  1. Just some anons! May have been the same person? I think it's quite funny calling someone a liar on the web when the simple solution would be just to not read my blog!! LOL.

    I could have won twice last night had I picked the right match LOL

  2. Oh, I thought u meant me because of the e-book. ;-)

  3. hey mate remember me? =)

    I havent forgot about you, every while i take a look at your blog and try to read something useful.

    nice bet btw, keep up the good work!

    keep in touch!

  4. dlarssonf 27 Aug 15:38
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